True Blue has rebranded as Insurist

To serve you better, we are expanding our products under a new name. However, our core values have remained the same – to serve you with the utmost quality and respect.
True Blue Life Insurance Rebrand

What has changed?

We have rebranded True Blue Life Insurance as Insurist. That means a new name, a new logo, and a new website. Our core, however, remains the same. Our leadership and team have not changed, and we will continue to serve you with the utmost quality and respect.

While True Blue Life Insurance has become Insurist, our website will remain active to serve our existing customers better. It will act as a life insurance agency branch where you can get assistance in finding the best policy for your needs.

Why we made this change

We understand that life insurance is an important financial decision. But, there are other insurance types and money-related topics that are just as important. We felt that the name True Blue Life Insurance was no longer fitting as we continue to expand with other products.

On Insurist, we will provide various other products, like car, home, and disability insurance, among others.

What happens if I bought a policy through True Blue?

Existing customers may feel worried about the existing policy that they purchased through True Blue Life Insurance. Let us assure you that nothing has changed. True Blue Life Insurance was and continues to be a life insurance brokerage. That means that we act as a middleman during the buying process between you and the life insurance provider.

We help you by comparing rates, answering questions, and assisting you during the buying process. Once you actually buy the life insurance policy, the contract and obligation exist between you and the insurance provider.

We can help answer your policy questions, but any policy changes and claims need to be made directly with the policy issuer.

Can I still refer people to True Blue?

Yes! Many customers have referred their friends and family due to how convenient our service was to them. You can continue to do so. For a concierge experience, you can refer them to If they rather shop around and explore rates, you can refer them to

Of course, you can also refer them by emailing your assigned True Blue agent.

We wish to continue serving you in the future.

As previously mentioned, our entire rebrand is to serve you, the customer, better. Our core values have not changed, and we look forward to assisting you with various new products!

If you haven’t yet, you can explore our new website at